Friday, April 18, 2008

It All Matters

I'm happy it's Friday. Even though Saturday means a work day, prepping for my students' screening. But Saturday also means watching a Little League game with Sturge. And I've been looking forward to that all week.

As Mark tucked me in for bed last night, we chatted for a while before I fell asleep. About time and change and relationships and what we once were isn't exactly who we are now. So when I read Kelly's blog today it struck a chord. Not in a bad way, just in a, huh, things do change and as much as it makes me sad in some ways, it makes me happy too. And it gives me things to look forward to.

Excerpt from Kelly's Blog:
for change. that we change and evolve and grow up and out and all of that is ok. i'm really loving the idea that it's ok to move on in ways that are good for us, even if it means we're leaving something behind - that that 'something' served a very good purpose at a specific time in our lives, and now it's ok to move ahead without it. it's a way of honoring all meaningful bits and pieces of a life even when the meaning isn't so full or present anymore. it all matters.

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