Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm a Nail Biter

I have the tiniest fingernails you'll probably ever see. I take every ounce of stress, fear, anxiety, sorrow and pain out on my poor fingernails. Often, I'll bite them to the point of bleeding. Everyone has their vice, right? This one's mine. There's some strange satisfaction I get from ripping the nails down as low as they'll possibly go. I'm sure there's some psychological implications to this. Ryan?

I've never had long nails. They've been this short as long as I can remember. I tried to grow them out once back in junior high but they were so flimsy they kept breaking off.

As a kid, my dad tried everything to get me to stop. Tabasco sauce, bribes, Band Aids, begging, nope, none of it worked. I'll never stop. Some people have alcohol, some people have drugs, some people have cigarettes (I once had cigarettes), I guess I just have my fingernails. The best thing? They're always on hand when I need them.

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