Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm Free - Kenny Loggins

There's been a lot of Footloose talk lately ... today at Bella's party, tonight at Ryan's party. We were trying to figure out which song Kevin Bacon dances to in the mill. I'm pretty sure it's I'm Free by Kenny Loggins, but we'll have to have a Footloose party next weekend to watch it and be sure.


Ben said...

Please allow me list the reasons I am a nerd:
1) I read Kat's blog on vacation... greetings from Down Under, Kat.
2) I know the song that Kevin Bacon dances to in the abandoned mill with lots and lots of gymnastics equipment is "Never" by Moving Picutres.
3) I also know that if you look closely when the stunt double is doing loops and loops around the high uneven bar, you can clearly see that he is wearing gloves
4) I love Footloose
5) I really, really love Footloose

I have always wanted to recreate the Kevin Bacon dance scene for a comedy show but the movie "Hot Rod" beat me to it. The damn Lonely Island guys! They can read my mind!!!

Ben said...

YouTube video for the original abandoned-mill dance scene in Footloose:

Lyrics to "Never":

Thank you, Google.

I, Ben Bartley, am a nerd. I can not and will not change.

Kat Candler said...

Yay Ben! You're so good. Next time we're having movie trivia issues, I'm calling you!