Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Love Cheese

The other night a group of female film friends gathered over pizza and talk about reality TV shows. Some were shocked that others watched this or that. Some were happy to hear that so and so watched such and such and they didn't have to hide their affections for this or that particular show. You should totally own your cheese. Love it. Embrace it. There's nothing wrong with singing along to Miley or Madonna or getting sucked in to The Bachelorette or Wife Swap. It's ok.

8 Kinds of Cheese that I Love:

1) The New Miley Cyrus single.
2) Buying Us and People magazine every Friday night. It's a ritual.
3) Looking at
4) Big Brother
5) The Housewives of NYC. I've seen every single episode.
6) Shrooms - The Movie
7) Flowrida's single Low
8) French Fries with Ranch Dressing

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