Friday, April 25, 2008

Emily Li - Brain Brawl Team Member

I'm super close to finishing up the second draft of the Brain Brawl novel. I have so many questions and concerns about it. I really need the feedback from friends who are hard core young adult readers. I have my crew of ladies who will be getting the next draft for review. Here's another excerpt. Emily Li is one of my favorite characters in the story. Just this sweet, innocent nerdy girl. She's pretty awesome. She just learned how to toilet paper a house. Something I've never ever done but wish I had.

Damp with sweat and grass stains, Emily tiptoed into her bedroom, toilet paper still stuck to the bottom of her shoe. She unzipped her black hoodie jacket and flipped on the light. Her mother sat on the bed. By the anger in her eyes, she’d been waiting for a very long time and she was not a happy camper. “Where have you been? Library’s closed.”

Emily wasn’t a good liar either. “Ummm ... well, uh …”

“I told you, no studying after 8pm.”

Emily hesitated. She was so busted. She couldn’t even form words.

Mrs. Li stood up and put her hands on her hips. “Answer me. I was worried. It’s midnight. Emily, I want the truth.”

There was no where else to go with this predicament. She fessed up. “I was toilet papering a boy’s house.” She blurted out.

Mrs. Li’s frown turned to confusion. “You what?”

Emily ran to her mom and wrapped her arms around her. “I’m so sorry, Mommie. I was toilet papering this boy’s house because he called me a geek and …”

Mrs. Li pulled her daughter away from her and got a good look. “You TPed a boy’s house? Emily.”

Emily lowered her head, ashamed. “I shouldn’t have done it, I know.”

Mrs. Li grinned so wide and lifted her daughter’s chin. “I’m so proud of you. Oh Emily, I’m so proud.”

“What?” Emily was totally confused.

Mrs. Li called to her husband in the other room. “Sing! Sing! Wake up! Wake up!” Mrs. Li hugged Emily and twirled her around the room. “You’re my girl!”

Mr. Li turned the corner in his funny pajamas. He wiped away the sleep from his eyes and yawned. “What is it?”

His wife turned to him and grinned. “Emily ... Emily TPed another teenager’s house!”

This jerked Mr. Li awake. He grinned at Emily. She grinned back. He hugged her and picked her up. “You’re a normal teenager! You’re normal teen girl!”

Mrs. Li chimed in. “You’re so normal!”
The family danced around the room. Smiles and joy all around. This was a defining moment in the Li household. Emily had turned a corner.

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