Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boston - Day #2

I took a ton of photos, but I left my wire thingamajig in Texas. They're mostly of tulips. The tulips are crazy beautiful this time of year. I wish you could see them.

I spent most of the day couped up in my room working on a new draft of a script. But I did get out a little. I had lunch at Tea Luxe, a sweet little Tea Room/Cafe on Newberry Street. I'd been there before and knew that their sandwiches were delicious.

Tonight was the screening of jumping off bridges at the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare Conference. It was a great screening and a fantastic Q&A. The conversation afterwards went on for a while and really struck a chord with the crowd. I spoke with several folks from organizations about possible screenings this summer and this fall.

I'm watching the guy from Old Joy on Law and Order. He's so good.

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