Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boston - Day #1

I spent the day traveling. 8:15am at the Austin airport until 5:15pm when I dropped my bags in my hotel room. The weather here's kind of crummy, cold and rainy. But it doesn't matter. I love this town. It's nice to sit on the T, watch the brownstones go by, walk down Boylston street.

I was wondering why everyone was walking around with ice cream cones. "It's ice cream cone day" said Lindsay Broockman as we walked to an Irish pub to grab dinner with her sweet and ridiculously funny new husband, Dan. Apparently once a year Ben and Jerry's gives away free ice cream cones. I love Boston.

Tomorrow is devoted to SITB. I have notes to work on that need to be addressed by the end of the week. Argh. Luckily my hotel room rocks.

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Andrea said...

It must be a national thing. Austin had the free Ben & Jerry's thing too. It was even on the news. But I was too busy to partake :(