Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Boston Conversations

One thing that I love about traveling solo is eating solo. Some people might be terrified of eating alone. Not me. I love it. I bring my laptop and work. I also listen. I'm a nosey patron. Dinner tonight, I listened in on a job interview at California Kitchen (yes, I had dinner at California Kitchen). It reminded me of Jennifer Aniston and Mike Judge in Office Space. Here are some of the questions that the super duper gung ho manager asked this college student looking for a summer job.

1) What do you like to do for fun? (Huh?)
2) What kind of financial impact did you have on your last place of business? (Say what?)
3) Have you ever heard the term “add on” or “subsell”? (For real?)
4) If I were a guest sitting at your table what could be a "subsell" from the menu? (No, for real?)
5) What's your favorite menu item from any restaurant? (Hmmm ...)
6) Do you like to win? (Duh!)

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