Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Worker - Rough Cut

I've been spending lots of time with Brian in his way cool work studio. It's like walking into fan boy land. He has every Star Wars character (still in the package) hung from the walls. Huge (sometimes signed) movie posters. Mostly Mr. Spielberg's. He has a refrigerator full of sodas, teas and beer. And Vitamin C candies and animal crackers. It's like going to your best friend's house as a kid cause his mom always had the better snacks. And soda! But, oh geez, I totally digress ...

We're super close to locking picture on the short film. We'll do a test screening this week and get some notes we can move forward with. I'm super crazy excited about how it's going. It looks so cool. I laughed out loud way more than I even intended. The film will need some major color correction and a ton of sound design. Brian's friend Matt in NY is doing all the sound work. And Brian and I have been batting around score ideas. It's coming together really beautifully.

It's been a long road, but patience is a virtue. I know it. You know it. But sometimes it's hard to carry with me.

Oh and the ever amazing Anne Nabors ... holy smoke. I hope she can use this to do bigger and better projects. She goes from quirky, oddball, hilarious to completely heart breaking. I love this woman.

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