Monday, March 17, 2008

Trying to Breathe

Somehow my list of To Dos went from 1 page to 3 pages.

Between prepping for classes, a new workshop, The Worker, a trip to LA, prepping SITB, several baby showers and niece and nephew birthdays, I'm drowning. And I'm not the best swimmer. I have a hard time with the breathing part.


trevor meier said...

Hey Kat... I've been there! I was in a similar spot about a year ago, when I found out about "GTD" (short for Getting Things Done). It's a method of managing lots of tasks. There's a book (which I haven't read but my girlfriend says is great) but the main thing that saved me was finding a good GTD todo-program. It lets me sort the lists easily and just work on what I need to do next, so I don't have to hold everything in my head.

I use a program called Omnifocus:

There's also one called "Things" that's pretty good:

Anyway... hope that helps you get life under control :)

Kat Candler said...

i know. it's nuts! it's kind of crazy when you have to manage the list of what your managing.

Anonymous said...

Good luck breathing.

My To Do list often explodes down the page. I sometimes use my livejournal as a personal organizer.