Friday, March 07, 2008

Test Screenings

Test screenings are terrifying. You and your team have worked crazy hard and you're like Ok. We THINK we're done. When deep down you know there's still more work, more tweaking, more rethinking. So Brian and I will quietly cringe and brace ourselves in the back of the room while a few friends and peers watch what we've got. I'm already thickening my skin for feedback. I hate it, but after 24 hours, it sinks in and I'm like, Yeah, they're totally right.

I screened it for Mark last night. He had some nice things to say and some questions and comments that I think will be helpful. So yeah, I'm ready. I think. I just want it to be the absolute best it can be.

Note: The worst test screening I ever suffered through was the first one we did for jumping off bridges. You can read it under Leaving a Bruise. Here's an excerpt from October 2005

"Test screenings are tough. They give you thick skin. And it's good to sit there and take it like a man, or a woman. They give you fresh perspective. Especially from people who don't know you from Adam. They can be really painful and they can be very validating. And sometimes they can leave you with a nasty bruise. But with a little bit of care, it'll go away. Lorie said that Nevie and I finally found it with this cut. That we unearthed the spine of the film. That we're pretty damn close. I agree. Stacy asked me this morning as I was still trying to pull myself up from the harsh words of the teens whether I would reshoot anything or conjure up a bunch of new scenes had I tons of money to work with. I sat there and thought long and hard. No. I want to shoot this one, simple scene and that's it. Just like in "cicadas", I embrace every flaw. I'm proud of every mistake. I'd rather make it, grow from it and move on. I'm really fucking proud of this film. And I'm really fucking proud of every hand and heart that went into making it."

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