Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday? Yep, Sunday at SXSW

Is it Sunday? I'm getting my days completely confused right now.

Heading out for my panel at the Carver Center. I'm looking forward to a chilled community panel away from the hubbub of downtown. Then off to the film society to prep for the kiddos in the morning. Then to the office to print out a bunch of stuff and to grab a few things.

My teens start shooting today so I'll visit Austin's set tonight. I'm anxious to see all of them in action. Austin's a sweet, sweet kid with ideas and creativity spilling out of his ears. He even knows way more about movies and directors than I do. I love it.

And tonight ... fun parties with friends.

I had to stay in last night and stare at my husband's face for a few hours. I needed some hugs and someone to hold my hand for a little bit.

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