Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PC, the Great

I'm staring at my cat Pork Chop, debating whether or not to close my computer and go to sleep. Pork Chop's staring right back at me with his one good eye.

Pork Chop is otherwise known as PC, PC Bean or just plain Bean. Mark has a few other variations on those, but PC Bean is the frequented favorite. Pork Chop has one good eye, a few missing/broken teeth, and one missing toenail. He's not the prettiest cat on the block, but he's the sweetest.

A few years ago I made a T-Shirt for Mark that read PC BEAN FOREVER. Cause him and Bean are pretty tight. They hang out a lot. I didn't do a very good job with the iron on letters though because now it reads PC BEAN OREVER. But he still wears it. He loves Pork Chop as if Pork Chop was his own.

PC and I have been together since the summer going into my sophmore year of college. 1994? 1993? He was born in a litter of three. My friends and I were, well, a little under the influence when we named the kittens ... Pork Chop, Mashed Potatoes and Pumpkin Pie. When he was just a little fluffy runt, he didn't know how to use his voice. He'd open his little mouth and nothing would come out. But when he finally found his voice, he had a whole lot to say. And you might notice his eye's a little messed up. He ran into plenty of walls as a baby too. It took some getting used to, only having the use of one eye, that is.

Pork Chop's been a constant source of companionship, understanding, love and unbridled devotion. He listens when I babble incoherently wandering the house. He cries with me during tough times. And he's not afraid to speak his mind. Together, we've waged a war against fleas, fought off his constant need to pee outside the litter box and we're still learning that we don't have to scratch the wall next to the litter box for three minutes straight every night. Minor things

Ok, now I'm tired. Good night Bean.

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