Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movie Theater I Miss You

My plans to make it to the movie theater this weekend were thwarted. Between babysitting, visiting more sets, catching up on emails, working on the novel, prepping for a screenwriting session and reading some other folks scripts, it didn't happen. If I could've gone to the movies I would've seen Paranoid Park (I love all things Gus Van Sant), Drillbit Taylor (I love all things that involve nerds and geeks) and Persepolis (I just know I'm gonna love this one).

The last movie (aside from SXSW) that I saw in the theater was Step Up 2, which Mark reminded me was February 14th. Oh geez. I miss you movie theater. I promise to come back very soon. We've been away from each other for far too long.

Brian and I are talking about starting a movie club. I think I'd be down for that. Meredith was just asking if I was interested in a book club ... eh, not really. But movie club, sign me up for that one!

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