Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Lunch Conversation #1 - Movies We Loved As A Kid

Lunch with Ben and Leslie became a love fest for movies we grew up on. Leslie has the fun task of introducing her two boys to movies like The Last Starfighter, War Games and The Goonies. Our lunch conversation went a little like this ...

Ben: Mac and Me was more like a lame version of ET.
Leslie: Oh, ET.
Ben: It was basically ET paid for by McDonalds.
Kat: Was Mac the robot?
Ben: You're thinking of Short Circuit.
Kat: Really?
Ben: "Input, input."
Kat: Oh yeah! Did Mac have a fuzzy head?
Ben: Uh ....
Kat: What about Iron Eagle?
Ben: I don't remember that one.
Kat: Remember, Lou Gossett Jr teaches that teenage kid to fly fighter planes.

Kat thinks about it for a second.

Kat: Wait, how was it that a teenager was flying fighter planes?
Leslie: They have to rescue his dad who's been kidnapped by bad guys in the Middle East.

A little later.

Ben: ... about the snake aliens that come to earth and try and take over the planet. They were trying to kidnap humans or something like that?
Kat: They were harvesting their bodies so they could eat them later on.
Leslie: Eww!
Ben: YES!
Kat: Man, those were the days.
Ben: Those were the days.
Leslie: Yep.


Lorie said...

Speaking of Lou Gossett, Jr. "Enemy Mine," with him and Dennis Quaid was pretty good.

Ben said...

My favorite Lou Gosset, Jr, movie: An Officer and A Gentleman. Long live Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley.

And don't forget our conversation about the TV show "V"... I vaguely remember you reminding me of a human giving birth to twins: one human and one alien! Wow. I need to rent the DVD box set just for that episode.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to showing them:
Blues Brothers
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Raider's of the Lost Ark

More ideas?

Kat Candler said...

Monster Squad
Stand By Me
Lady in White - Scary
The Secret of Nimh
Sixteen Candles
The Dark Crystal