Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lost CDs, Waterloo Records Trips and Sahara Hotnights

I know Mark doesn't like this record so I think he might have hid it from me long ago. Mark did you hide it from me? Anyhow, I miss it and can't find it. I don't buy records that often because that's Mark's job, but it might mean I need to make a trip to Waterloo Records soon. Mark will be thrilled. He's always begging me, please, please, please go to Waterloo with me. I haven't been to Waterloo in I don't know how long. A long time. There's a reason I don't go with Mark. He's a browser. I'm a "get in get what I want and get out of there" kind of girl. I'm not a big shopper. For anything. I had a system when I used to visit the record stores long ago. Find the record I was looking for, browse (quickly) the used section and then leave. But Mark, bless his little heart LOVES to look at every single CD, every magazine, every piece of vinyl in the entire establishment. He's like that at the video store too. We'll be in there for over an hour looking at every single 1970s horror box cover, every single bootlegged copy of some Japanese film ... Oh Mark, I love you, little quirks and all.

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