Wednesday, March 19, 2008

First Day at Griffin

Today was the first day of Film Appreciation Class at the Griffin School. I waited until the very last minute to put together my lesson plan. SXSW and Film Camp set me really far back and I've been trying to catch up ever since. At first I was going to show short films from Chaplin, Keaton and Harold Lloyd. I had a pretty weak lesson and last night I decided to ditch it. Instead, today, I showed 45 minutes of Sunrise and talked about film and its elements. I was nervous when the lights went down and I started the film. There were a few nervous giggles from the 20+ kids in the room. But when the lights came up and we started talking ... they got it. They really got it. These guys are smart and insightful. And their honest, which I love. I'm excited to figure out what to bring next. It's fun introducing someone to something you love.

After watching a few Harold Lloyd shorts, I'm obsessed. I love this guy. I'm anxious to watch Safety Last. I never went to film school and missed out on a lot of wonderful films. Luckily I have a pretty well versed husband and great film friends.

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