Sunday, March 02, 2008

Chapters 1 - 7 = Done

I've felt crappy all day. I've been in denial of having allergies for the last year. Even with the random sniffling, scratchy throats and uncontrollable sneezes. I think it's time to face the facts. I've lived in Austin for over 10 years now, it was bound to happen. So after visiting two sets this afternoon, I came home, parked my butt on the couch, then in a chair and finally in my bed so I could get some writing done while feeling crappy at home.
I'm about to embark on Chapter 8 of my young adult novel. It's coming along pretty well. I like Chapter 7 a lot. I think Chapter 6 still needs a lot of work. For some reason I wasn't feeling it. But that's what second and third drafts are for.

I'm probably at the halfway point now. I'll make my personal deadline, no problem. I want to have a decent first draft by the end of March. That's the goal. I will make it. Oh yes ... I will.

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Anonymous said...

Of course you will make your deadline!