Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chapter 9 = Unstuck and Done

Chapter 9 was painful but I pulled through unscathed. And as I LOVE to say on set. "Moving on!" Yes, moving on to Chapter 10. That one's a piece of cake. Just a few pages long. And then we travel to Tampa to the big Brain Brawl statewide competition. That's where the real shiznit goes down!


The night air was cool and chilly. A few street lamps dimly lit the school auditorium parking lot. Olivia and the nerdy kids stood awkwardly on the sidewalk, waiting for someone, anyone to speak first. That fleeting moment of triumph for geeks and braniacs everywhere felt sad and bittersweet.

Mr. Reynolds gently honked his horn from a parking space a few feet away. Olivia looked over and motioned
to hold on a second. She turned back around to Peter, Francis and the Lee lunch table nerds all clumped together on the curb. As she stood there looking into their proud and hopeful faces, something happened. Something she didn’t expect. Tears fell down her cheeks. She tried to wipe them away with her sleeve, but they kept coming. Lots of 'em.

“I’m really sorry.” Her voice cracked. “For everything.”

They already knew.

“It’s ok.” Henry said and smiled.

Olivia couldn't stop crying. She caught her breath and looked over at Peter and Francis. “Can we keep this a secret? I don’t want anyone at Hampton to know.”

The two boys nodded.

With that, she turned and walked into the dark, cold parking lot and up to her father’s car. She turned around and lifted her hand goodbye. They all waved back and a few gave a thumbs up. They watched her get in and then drive away.

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