Monday, March 17, 2008

Chapter 9 = Stuck

I'm stuck on Chapter 9. I've read it over and over and over again and can't nudge my way into it.

Chapter 9 what's wrong with you? Why aren't you working with me? Why aren't you just writing yourself?

It's all about the big junior high dance and the throw down between the nerds and the cool kids. A few fists fly, some angry words get slapped around, a long time crush gets crushed and friendships get tested.


abc said...

I have a similar chapter in my work in progress too (also set in junior high). I don't write in order necessarily, though. Maybe it would help to move on then come back. Or maybe you should just take yourself out for margaritas or fancy coffee or maybe turn up the music and jump up and down in your living room.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you can fix it in revision. I sometimes set a timer to get things moving. I make myself write for time instead of quality, then I go back and tinker until it gets working.

Perhaps it would help to mull over the hook of the chapter. If you want it to go a certain way, you might need to enter the chapter from a different door.