Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Cable Guy - Jim Carrrey and the Greats

I was one of the few who never saw The Cable Guy growing up. I always heard it was a total dud. So when we watched it this weekend along with Zoolander and Them, I was surprised ... shocked really. I LOVED it. I'll go out on a limb here and say that Jim Carrey should've been nominated for an Oscar for his performance in that film. The man is incredible and if someone says he's not, they're stupid and blind. Mark and I both agreed that people will look back on his comedies and claim him as one of the greats.

It's a shame that the Oscars rarely go to comedic performances. Cause if they did, there'd be Oscars sitting in the homes of Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Alec Baldwin, Gene Wilder, Peter Sellers, Bill Murray ... Why is it that people think comedic performances are easier than dramatic performances. For real. In my humble opinion, it's quite the opposite. Sure, there are a lot of comedies and comedians out there, but great comedies and great comedians, that's a different story.

So yeah, I'll say that Jim Carrey deserves an Oscar. But not for The Truman Show or Man on the Moon, but for The Cable Guy, Ace Ventura, and Me Myself and Irene.


Anonymous said...

You know, I don't enjoy comedies. At least not the Ace Ventura type. I end up bored. I like movies that have funny scenes in them, but when choosing a film, I rarely go for the comedy. I think it comes from never feeling satisfied when the comedy it over. I feel like I've has a lot of candy or appetizers, but I'm missing the sustaining stuff.

I know lots and lots of people disagree with me. If not, stuff like Jackass would never have been made and then put into sequels.

I sometimes wonder if I'm just missing the ability to appreciate these films. I like things like "Frasier," so maybe it's the type of humor.


Kat Candler said...

Movies like Jackass are not my cup of tea. I've never seen it, have no desire to see it and would probably hate it if I did.

What I loved about The Cable Guy is Jim Carrey's character. A guy who's been raised by a TV in his mother's absence and is just so in need of human love he'll do anything to get it. That's the kind of movie that speaks to me. It can be a drama or a comedy.

I could go on and on about how I think the Farrelly Brothers make incredibly sweet films Shallow Hal, Stuck on You ... Love 'em.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I've been away so long. Family stuff...

I haven't ever seen The Cable Guy, so I may have to give it a try. I did see Ace Ventura, and that simply wasn't my kind of humor. I loved the television show, "Fraiser," so perhaps that's my type. I'm trying to think if we even own any comedies... Guess Who? (which I mostly liked) and Clean Slate (which was so-so) are the only ones I can think of. We have hundreds of movies here... surely I've let my husband get more comedy films that that. Ack! I'm comedy defunct.