Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Anthem of the Day - Every Song by The Breeders

Anyone who ever says that girls can't rock is a pretentious pompous snot loser that should have their head dunked into a toilet. Repeatedly. In college I actually heard someone say, Girls can't rock. Oh really jerkface?

I've been listening to The Breeders on repeat today. Both Pod and Last Splash. I thank the Lord for giving us Kim Deal. In honor of their upcoming concert on the 15th I've been screaming the lyrics and cranking the tunes. It's a concert that I won't be able to catch. I won't be able to jump up and down in the audience and sing along. I just want to get along! I just want to get along. I just want to get along.

It actually makes me really sad that I can't go. This is a band from my generation. As weird as that sounds.

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