Monday, March 31, 2008

Neighborhood Posts

What's fun about being on my neighborhood association yahoo group is seeing the various emails that circulate. Hot topics like these:

  • The War on Fire Ants!!! (This was a big one. Lasted for days.)
  • Termites! (Just a blip on the radar)
  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans (Kinda Boring)
  • Fire Ant Remedy - Study Results (This went hand in hand with the Fire Ant War)
  • Air Duct Cleaning (Not such a hot topic)

Someday I'll be a homeowner and get to participate in email conversations like this. Someday.

Stop the Clocks

Geraldine Eliott Kaler, April 17, 1905-March 28, 2008

Grandma Gerry was a powerhouse at the age of 102. A force that couldn't be shaken. She smiled kindly on strangers and made everyone feel welcome and loved. I remember her with a cigarette always in hand, usually on Ama's front porch. She was a good, good woman that lives on in the face and faith of dear, sweet Amasita, Margaret and the boys.

Things I Love About Today

1) Having a Writing Partner
2) Neighborhood Black Outs
3) Zen Veggie Bowls
4) Getting to see My Teen Class
5) Fun Banter with the I Luv Video Clerk
6) Educational Discounts at the Video Store
7) Helping Talented People Find Opportunities
8) Chatting with Friends from Faraway Cities

Juliana Hatfield and the Blake Babies

They're on repeat in my car. I can scream both of these at the top of my lungs as I'm cruising down Lamar.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

En Francais

I was in French Club in high school. But only cause it looked good on my transcripts. I don't think I went to a single meeting. I just remember showing up on yearbook picture day.

I want to start a French Club. After watching Persepolis and Them this weekend I was inspired to use the French I learned in high school and college in my every day life. Mark knows my signature catch phrase, je ne sais pas. I use that one a lot. But when today I introduced a few more like, ecoutez moi and parce que je vous aime, he just looked at me confused. Shy and I decided we could eat French toast and watch French films at French club. That'd be fun.

The Cable Guy - Jim Carrrey and the Greats

I was one of the few who never saw The Cable Guy growing up. I always heard it was a total dud. So when we watched it this weekend along with Zoolander and Them, I was surprised ... shocked really. I LOVED it. I'll go out on a limb here and say that Jim Carrey should've been nominated for an Oscar for his performance in that film. The man is incredible and if someone says he's not, they're stupid and blind. Mark and I both agreed that people will look back on his comedies and claim him as one of the greats.

It's a shame that the Oscars rarely go to comedic performances. Cause if they did, there'd be Oscars sitting in the homes of Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Alec Baldwin, Gene Wilder, Peter Sellers, Bill Murray ... Why is it that people think comedic performances are easier than dramatic performances. For real. In my humble opinion, it's quite the opposite. Sure, there are a lot of comedies and comedians out there, but great comedies and great comedians, that's a different story.

So yeah, I'll say that Jim Carrey deserves an Oscar. But not for The Truman Show or Man on the Moon, but for The Cable Guy, Ace Ventura, and Me Myself and Irene.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Weekend Writings

I have so much to get through before Monday's writing session. It's insane looking at my notes. I can't even read half of them because I was scribbling like a mad woman trying to get it all down. Now I'm sifting through gobbledy gook hoping I got the jist of ideas and story lines. I'll hand off a new draft to Chris on Sunday and then get back to work on Monday.

I just wish there was more time in a day. I was pouring through Chapter 12 of the young adult novel before all of this went down. I had 3 more Chapters to go. I'll be happy to lock this SITB draft so I can get back to the other kids.

So between a movie with a friend and a baby shower this weekend, me and my trusty laptop will be spending lots of time together.

This American Life - Live

I never would think to go see the live via satelite deals at the movie theaters. Like the drum line one or the Miley Cyrus concert, but here's one that I would totally go check out.

This American Life - Live!

On Thursday, May 1st acclaimed radio and television host Ira Glass will bring the wildly popular show This American Life to the big screen for a one-night only event. Glass debuts never-before-seen extraordinary, funny and true stories from everyday life, shows outtakes, and answers audience questions. This exclusive theatre event will be broadcast LIVE from New York via satellite to select movie theatres nationwide.

This one-night event features special guests and is presented in HD and Cinema Surround Sound.

Tickets go on sale beginning April 4th. Don’t miss your chance to see “This American Life - Live!” on the big screen Thursday May 1, 2008 at 8PM EDT / 7 PM CDT / 6 PM MDT and time delayed to 8PM PDT.

Attendees may submit a question for Ira Glass in advance at Select questions will be answered during the event.

For more information about This American Life visit

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Miranda July - How to Make a Button

College Town Record Stores Bite the Dust

This is a sad article about the demise of college record stores.

My favorite record store in the world was Vinyl Fever in Tallahassee, FL. In my college days, I was a frequent visitor to their used bin. Sadly, I didn't make enough money at the Oak Lake Six movie theater to purchase anything new. All of our friends worked there at one point or another. Some of them still do. It was one of the few hang outs besides the FSU Union Steps or the CowHaus (where all the bands came to play). You walked in the Vinyl Fever door and no matter what, you felt at home.

If you're reading this you recently read that I don't hang out at the record stores anymore. That's what those aimless college days were for.

What I just remembered in writing this is that when I first started dating Mark many years ago, I asked him, So what do you want to do with your life? He didn't skip a beat. Own an indie record store. I thought to myself. Cool.

Hell On Wheels - Austin Screenings

Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz in Austin, Texas

Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 10 pm

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 10 pm

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at 7 pm

320 East 6th Street

Austin, TX

(512) 476-1320
Bob Ray and producer Werner Campbell in attendance for post screening Q&A

Tonight I have to leave it- Shout Out Louds

I'm really digging this band. The Merge Sampler CD worked. I've discovered new music.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I don't know what's up, but I'm giddy. And happy. And it's good. And I don't think I'll make my deadline for my novel because the new rewrite of SITB has gotten in the way and taking up all my spare time. But I'm having fun working with a friend on it. In our little sessions, I find myself laughing out loud, screaming Ha! a lot and making funny, contorted faces as we work. Don't ask.

Coconut Monkeyrocket

I got my friend, Jason's CD in the mail today. I've been anxiously checking my mail every day in anticipation. He asked me about doing a music video.

Jason used to host a radio show at V89 where I deejayed long ago, called Sonic Safari. So it was no surprise when I popped the CD in and relived those crazy, bizarro tunes from my college days. You can check out more about Jason and his album at Coconut Monkeyrocket. It's a silly, fun, crazy record.

Sprout - Jeanne Stern

I saw Sprout at this year's SXSW. I completely fell in love with this film. I hope you'll fall in love with it too. I can't wait to meet this girl. I'll be like a little kid asking a million questions. "So, how did you do this? What about that? OMG, I loved this part ..."

Austin Summer Film Classes are Open

From Script to Screen
Starts May 13th
13 Weeks

Teen Filmmaking
Starts May 12th
13 Weeks

Wednesday Morning Writing

I love those solid chunks of time to write. Give me two, three sometimes 5 hours to sit with my laptop and just tap, tap, tap away at the keys. I get excited and giddy. I get stuck. I pour over one line of dialogue for 20 minutes wanting to rip my hair out. But I love it. I have good routines of where I get my best writing done: Zen, Flight Path and sitting up in my bed at night.

Last night I made Mark sit and listen to me read a few scenes from Spider out loud. I read every single voice and the narration. He's a really good sport about it. He just quietly listens and stares up at me. He never tells me how weird I am or anything like that. He just humors me like a good husband should do.

I think I've said this before many times, but I'll say it again. Once you create this world and these characters that are sweet (truly, truly sweet) with good hearts and their fun and silly and you just want to hang out with them all the time, it's awesome. It really makes writing a joy.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Most Embarrassing Movies Blogathon

Most Embarrassing Movies Blogathon (I'm not even really sure what a blogathon is. Mark usually does them. So if this isn't a blogathon, then you can call it something else.)

If you choose to participate, put a link to your blog in my comments section.
  • Movie you're too embarrassed to admit you have never seen: Citizen Kane. I've only seen the first 1/3.
  • Movie you're most embarrassed to say you have seen: Most recently I got a little embarrassed to say I went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks. By myself. But it was research. And I found myself laughing. That little Theodore's pretty darn cute.
  • Movie you're most embarrassed to say you have seen and loved: This is hard because usually I'm not embarrassed to say I love movies. Sometimes the cheesier the better. I think I might have to go with Brian on this one. Titanic. I loved it. LOVED it. And then maybe High School Musical too. Ok, that's really embarrassing.
  • Movie you're most embarrassed to say you have seen and hated: Charlie Chaplin films. In general. I can't get into them. Maybe it's criminal, but I don't think I like Charlie Chaplin. I'm sure he was a nice person, I just don't like his character.
  • Most Embarrassing Scene from a movie that scared you as a kid and even to this day: Wrath of Khan. The worm going in Sulu's ear still creeps me out. Gives me the heebeegeevees.
Feel free to add categories.

Lost CDs, Waterloo Records Trips and Sahara Hotnights

I know Mark doesn't like this record so I think he might have hid it from me long ago. Mark did you hide it from me? Anyhow, I miss it and can't find it. I don't buy records that often because that's Mark's job, but it might mean I need to make a trip to Waterloo Records soon. Mark will be thrilled. He's always begging me, please, please, please go to Waterloo with me. I haven't been to Waterloo in I don't know how long. A long time. There's a reason I don't go with Mark. He's a browser. I'm a "get in get what I want and get out of there" kind of girl. I'm not a big shopper. For anything. I had a system when I used to visit the record stores long ago. Find the record I was looking for, browse (quickly) the used section and then leave. But Mark, bless his little heart LOVES to look at every single CD, every magazine, every piece of vinyl in the entire establishment. He's like that at the video store too. We'll be in there for over an hour looking at every single 1970s horror box cover, every single bootlegged copy of some Japanese film ... Oh Mark, I love you, little quirks and all.

Monday, March 24, 2008

JOB - Bryn Mawr Campus Screening, 4/11

jumping off bridges screens at the Bryn Mawr campus on April 11th at the Dalton Hall. Admission is free. If you know anyone who lives in Bryn Mawr, PA, pass it on.

Writing Sessions - Love 'Em

Spent several hours in a writing session with a friend working on a rewrite of The Spider in the Bathtub. He's taking it to a new level. Exactly what the doctor ordered. I can get to a decent place with a script and then I just get plain stuck. I sit with it unsure of what to do next. It just stares back at me. So now it takes a new turn.

I'm working on all of the elements to get this film off the ground. I feel most days like I have no clue what I'm doing. Ok, almost every day I feel like I have no clue what I'm doing. But even not knowing what I'm doing, it feels good. I'm taking the steps that I know. Learning new steps along the way. Collecting information, figuring out how to put that information to good use. Just trying to keep my feet on the ground. And trying to keep the ground underneath me from cracking so I don't slip through.

I know how to make movies. And I'm learning how to make better movies. This is all I want to do. Like forever.

Pavement-Stereo Clip

Amre just sent this. Kurt and Meredith, maybe this is what you have to look forward to instead of pop warner football practices.

Eve of Understanding - Available on DVD

Eve of Understanding is now available on DVD. From our friends Jen Prince and Alyson Shelton. Support the indie filmmakers!

Donna, is on a journey toward redemption from her past. From her family's past. She's sent on a road trip from Texas to Arizona to make peace, uncover secrets, and find some understanding in the life she's been dealt. It's rich with texture and visually quite vivid - and it's not afraid to get tangled in the dark corners of this family's life.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movie Theater I Miss You

My plans to make it to the movie theater this weekend were thwarted. Between babysitting, visiting more sets, catching up on emails, working on the novel, prepping for a screenwriting session and reading some other folks scripts, it didn't happen. If I could've gone to the movies I would've seen Paranoid Park (I love all things Gus Van Sant), Drillbit Taylor (I love all things that involve nerds and geeks) and Persepolis (I just know I'm gonna love this one).

The last movie (aside from SXSW) that I saw in the theater was Step Up 2, which Mark reminded me was February 14th. Oh geez. I miss you movie theater. I promise to come back very soon. We've been away from each other for far too long.

Brian and I are talking about starting a movie club. I think I'd be down for that. Meredith was just asking if I was interested in a book club ... eh, not really. But movie club, sign me up for that one!

Taking Flight in Italy - Kelly Rae Roberts

My friend Kelly is teaching a workshop in Italy in October on painting and collage. Check out her website for more information. I can't imagine a more beautiful setting to tap into your creative spirit.

Quarter to Noon

New title for The Worker ... Quarter to Noon.

Matt in NY has the film now and is starting the sound design. I'll hand off the picture to Greg and Ray today to start the animation/special FX. And Mr. Satterwhite is scheming the score.

Now that this one is in the last lap of post-production, I'm anxious to figure out a new short to shoot. It'll involve little kids probably.

I have a plan for the premiere of Quarter to Noon, but we'll see if it can actually happen. It wouldn't be for a while, but it would rule if it would happen the way I want it to happen in my head.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Chapter 10 = Done

I counted it out. 15 Chapters total. But Chapter 13 is crazy long. 30 or 40 pages. Compared to the rest of the Chapters it's the longest. So I have my work cut out for me this weekend, next week and next weekend. It doesn't have to be a perfect first draft, but a decent first draft would be nice.

Next week will be mad writing week.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jerkfaces at the Gym and Lost Causes

To the jerkface who decided to switch the channel to some stupid basketball game 45 minutes into LOST, I hate you. Ok, I don't hate you, but I'm really mad at you. You're a schmuck who didn't ask a single person behind you on the treadmills or ellipticals if they were watching that channel. Not to mention your stupid basketball game was playing two televisions down. You're lucky you were gone by the time I was done from my workout or else ... or else ... or else I probably wouldn't say a darn thing and quietly stew the entire drive home. Which I did. But I cursed you plenty inside my head!

I think watching LOST at the gym is a lost cause. No pun intended.

Oh Michael Emerson, you're so awesome and I'd get to see more of you if it wasn't for stupid schmucks at the gym. Alas, it sounds like we'll get to meet up in Los Angeles soon.

Chapter 9 = Unstuck and Done

Chapter 9 was painful but I pulled through unscathed. And as I LOVE to say on set. "Moving on!" Yes, moving on to Chapter 10. That one's a piece of cake. Just a few pages long. And then we travel to Tampa to the big Brain Brawl statewide competition. That's where the real shiznit goes down!


The night air was cool and chilly. A few street lamps dimly lit the school auditorium parking lot. Olivia and the nerdy kids stood awkwardly on the sidewalk, waiting for someone, anyone to speak first. That fleeting moment of triumph for geeks and braniacs everywhere felt sad and bittersweet.

Mr. Reynolds gently honked his horn from a parking space a few feet away. Olivia looked over and motioned
to hold on a second. She turned back around to Peter, Francis and the Lee lunch table nerds all clumped together on the curb. As she stood there looking into their proud and hopeful faces, something happened. Something she didn’t expect. Tears fell down her cheeks. She tried to wipe them away with her sleeve, but they kept coming. Lots of 'em.

“I’m really sorry.” Her voice cracked. “For everything.”

They already knew.

“It’s ok.” Henry said and smiled.

Olivia couldn't stop crying. She caught her breath and looked over at Peter and Francis. “Can we keep this a secret? I don’t want anyone at Hampton to know.”

The two boys nodded.

With that, she turned and walked into the dark, cold parking lot and up to her father’s car. She turned around and lifted her hand goodbye. They all waved back and a few gave a thumbs up. They watched her get in and then drive away.

Amy's Ice Cream Employees Going Above and Beyond

If you live in Austin you know Amy's Ice Cream employees are famous for tossing ice cream in the air and catching it behind their backs, under their legs, between their toes ... well, maybe not between their toes. So, after being on phone meetings for over 3 hours, I'm sitting quietly and contently at Zen enjoying my daily special (veggie bowl, add white chicken, add broccoli, ginger lime sauce over brown rice) when what do I see across the way? An Amy's employee prepping a scoop of ice cream in the middle of the street. The guy has a bowl and the big fat scooping spoon. All the while he's dodging cars left and right. I'm like, what the heck is he doing? Then all of a sudden he takes the ice cream from the bowl and holds it in his spoon. He pulls his arm back and slings the scoop of ice cream into the air and over the building. Over the friggin' building. I couldn't get a good look to see if the guy on the other side of the building caught it or not. I choose to believe he did.

Just a strange, random event to witness.


I've been really good all day, getting things done, marking off my list of To Dos. That's what happens when you have solid uninterrupted time at the office. No lunches, no classes, no meetings. Just me and my Mac.

So I've been working straight since 8:30am and am now toodling around the internet. I have a phone meeting in a bit, but needed to stretch my brain beforehand.

I plugged CUTE into google images. Ben does this all the time on his blog. I came up with this little dude. CUTE! I found kittens in tea cups too. Oh, love it.

Ok, back to work. Chapter 9 awaits me.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PC, the Great

I'm staring at my cat Pork Chop, debating whether or not to close my computer and go to sleep. Pork Chop's staring right back at me with his one good eye.

Pork Chop is otherwise known as PC, PC Bean or just plain Bean. Mark has a few other variations on those, but PC Bean is the frequented favorite. Pork Chop has one good eye, a few missing/broken teeth, and one missing toenail. He's not the prettiest cat on the block, but he's the sweetest.

A few years ago I made a T-Shirt for Mark that read PC BEAN FOREVER. Cause him and Bean are pretty tight. They hang out a lot. I didn't do a very good job with the iron on letters though because now it reads PC BEAN OREVER. But he still wears it. He loves Pork Chop as if Pork Chop was his own.

PC and I have been together since the summer going into my sophmore year of college. 1994? 1993? He was born in a litter of three. My friends and I were, well, a little under the influence when we named the kittens ... Pork Chop, Mashed Potatoes and Pumpkin Pie. When he was just a little fluffy runt, he didn't know how to use his voice. He'd open his little mouth and nothing would come out. But when he finally found his voice, he had a whole lot to say. And you might notice his eye's a little messed up. He ran into plenty of walls as a baby too. It took some getting used to, only having the use of one eye, that is.

Pork Chop's been a constant source of companionship, understanding, love and unbridled devotion. He listens when I babble incoherently wandering the house. He cries with me during tough times. And he's not afraid to speak his mind. Together, we've waged a war against fleas, fought off his constant need to pee outside the litter box and we're still learning that we don't have to scratch the wall next to the litter box for three minutes straight every night. Minor things

Ok, now I'm tired. Good night Bean.

The Ice Storm - Criterion Collection (Possible Gift Idea)

Mark, my dearest, sweetest, most wonderful husband in the whole wide world, guess what just came out? Just in case you need any ideas for a mid-week, random let's get Kat a present idea!

I know I have the old DVD, but this is the new one. This is the fancy one. The Criterion Collection one with commentary, visual essays, a documentary ... I NEED IT!

First Day at Griffin

Today was the first day of Film Appreciation Class at the Griffin School. I waited until the very last minute to put together my lesson plan. SXSW and Film Camp set me really far back and I've been trying to catch up ever since. At first I was going to show short films from Chaplin, Keaton and Harold Lloyd. I had a pretty weak lesson and last night I decided to ditch it. Instead, today, I showed 45 minutes of Sunrise and talked about film and its elements. I was nervous when the lights went down and I started the film. There were a few nervous giggles from the 20+ kids in the room. But when the lights came up and we started talking ... they got it. They really got it. These guys are smart and insightful. And their honest, which I love. I'm excited to figure out what to bring next. It's fun introducing someone to something you love.

After watching a few Harold Lloyd shorts, I'm obsessed. I love this guy. I'm anxious to watch Safety Last. I never went to film school and missed out on a lot of wonderful films. Luckily I have a pretty well versed husband and great film friends.

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans - 1927 (FW Murnau)

One of the most stunning and heart wrenching films I think I've ever seen.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Worker - Locked

Brian and I locked picture this morning. We might have a new title too. We're running it past our spouses before we say "Yes. That's it!"


I have a mission. To find representation. Lots of my friends have agents and managers and it's getting them work. It's getting their films off the ground.

I pursued representation about a year ago and had a bitter experience that left a terrible, terrible taste in my mouth. And so I dropped it. Well now it's time to pick up where I left off. I don't know if I'll find someone to take me on. But I've got to try

A talent agent is a person who finds jobs for folks in the entertainment business. They make money when their client makes money. Their goal ... make money. These guys are focused on a project by project basis.

A talent manager is a person that guides the professional career of an artist. They make money when their client makes money, but they're focused on their overall career.

The Business of Film

I hate it. I embrace it, but I detest it. I hold its hand, but it gives me stomach pains. I don't enjoy talking about DVD distribution or deciding between this business strategy or that business strategy. I don't like thinking about people as accredited or unaccredited. I don't like worrying about unions and pensions. It just makes my head spin. I'd rather be thinking about colors and camera angles and character arcs and playing with lights.

I put up with it and deal with it because I have to. But I don't have to like it. It can't make me like it.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Chapter 9 = Stuck

I'm stuck on Chapter 9. I've read it over and over and over again and can't nudge my way into it.

Chapter 9 what's wrong with you? Why aren't you working with me? Why aren't you just writing yourself?

It's all about the big junior high dance and the throw down between the nerds and the cool kids. A few fists fly, some angry words get slapped around, a long time crush gets crushed and friendships get tested.

Summer Film Camp for Girls

Lots more fun this summer! Check out the Femme Film Texas website for more information.

Trying to Breathe

Somehow my list of To Dos went from 1 page to 3 pages.

Between prepping for classes, a new workshop, The Worker, a trip to LA, prepping SITB, several baby showers and niece and nephew birthdays, I'm drowning. And I'm not the best swimmer. I have a hard time with the breathing part.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

New York Press Coverage - Amre's Blog

Amre's been blogging about her SXSW music experience at the New York Press. I didn't get to any rock shows. I never really do. But it was nice to live vicariously through Amre and Daniel's stories.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

So Very Very Proud

I'm gonna miss these guys. I always get teary eyed on the last day of camp or the final screening each semester. I've made some great friends this last week and watched them come out of their shells, discover their talents and be so proud to see their imaginations on a screen.

I had to bail on a dinner with friends last night so I could hang out with Mark. It'd been over a week since I'd seen or talked to him. And yes, we live together. It's just been busy. So over dinner, I busted out the camera and showed him pictures of all the kids and talked about their great accomplishments. I'm just really proud. Really proud.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Getting Back to Bidness

As much as I'll miss camp, it'll be good to get back into the office on Monday. There's much to do. I need to finish the first draft of my book by the end of the month. Start sending out some scripts next week in preparation for a Los Angeles trip. Locking picture on TW or whatever we decide on changing the title to. And then some phone meetings in preparation for SITB. Things are moving. So will I be shooting this summer? Uh, yeah, no. This fall? I don't know, we'll see. Next year? Most definitely.

Working 9 to 5

Girl at Film Camp: Is this like your real job?
Kat: Yep, this is my real job.
Girl at Film Camp:
It's a really cool job.
I know. I'm lucky, huh?
Girl at Film Camp: Yeah.

Film Camp - Day 4

Shooting is complete. Editing is in on the move. Silliness is in full swing. I'll be bummed at the end of Friday. We've made some wonderful new friends all between age 8 and 17.

The I Love You Voicemail

There's nothing better than getting a voicemail from Ms. Ama Reynolds. Tonight's message went a little like this ...

KAT!!! I love you. Hello I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I'm proud of you. I just called to tell you I love you. I love you. This is Ama. I love you.

And this just off the heels of a sweet visit with Daniel Gill, Amre and Meredith. Best friends are the best.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Film Camp - Day 3

I probably had about 5 costume changes between the 3 films at camp today. I played a possessed teenager covered in fake tattoos, a caring teacher and an evil leap frogger. The leap frog costume was by far my favorite: black cape, black motorcycle helmet, black skeleton gloves and pink tennis shoes. I looked good!

I also spent about 20 minutes coaxing one of the little boys to come out of the bathroom after he'd had a fight with one of the little girls. Ah, camp. Love it.

CJ7 - I Can't Wait!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Film Camp - Day 2

More adventures today at Film Camp. We locked our scripts, storyboarded, location scouted and put together our shot lists. They're ready to shoot and I'm totally beat.

P.S. The cookies are officially gone and someone found the stash of Dots and the stash of Whoppers.

Movies I'm Totally Excited About

Monday, March 10, 2008

Film Camp - Day 1

Oh film camp. Sigh. I love it so much. Today I learned new phrases like meany butt and pish posh. We shot camera exercises and wrote scripts. Everything from leap frog competitions, to invasion of the body snatchers through the internet. We ate way too many cookies left over from the Texas Hall of Fame and watched carpenters build sets from the new movie Will. The kids are a blast and my cheeks ache from a full day of giggling and silliness. Tomorrow I can only hope for more of the same.

Closing Down the House - The Party Girl

I'm so proud. Ben, Owen and I closed down a party. Is that the right phrase? We were some of the last to leave. I'm not a party person. For real. It takes a lot for me to get out of my house to attend a fancy pants party. But I did. And I had a blast. Got to see lots of old friends who I haven't seen in god knows how long. Met some new folks who I might even catch up with in other cities and talked about some of my favorite movies like Step Up 2 and Billy Madison.

I'm a party girl! Me, me, me!!!

But Party girl has to get up in a few hours and go be film camp counselor. Go Film Camp Counselor!!!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday? Yep, Sunday at SXSW

Is it Sunday? I'm getting my days completely confused right now.

Heading out for my panel at the Carver Center. I'm looking forward to a chilled community panel away from the hubbub of downtown. Then off to the film society to prep for the kiddos in the morning. Then to the office to print out a bunch of stuff and to grab a few things.

My teens start shooting today so I'll visit Austin's set tonight. I'm anxious to see all of them in action. Austin's a sweet, sweet kid with ideas and creativity spilling out of his ears. He even knows way more about movies and directors than I do. I love it.

And tonight ... fun parties with friends.

I had to stay in last night and stare at my husband's face for a few hours. I needed some hugs and someone to hold my hand for a little bit.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

SXSW - Day 1 and 2

Not much time to write, but here's a brief recap.

Movies Seen:
Half-Life - Beautiful. There are moments and images I can't get out of my head.
The Order of Myths - Ms. Margaret Brown is a superstar. I loved it.

The best part of SXSW is catching up with old friends. Spending some nice, quality time with Alan, Jen, David, Spencer and Anne. I really needed that.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Proud Moments and Madonna

I was really proud at our test screening today. It went well. Everyone thought it looked and felt beautiful. Don't get me wrong, there are tweaks to be made. We got some great ideas and places to fix, but overall I have to say I was super psyched leaving the office this afternoon. Brian and I continue to work on the edit this coming week. Greg and Ray are ready to get the hand off for special effects and color correction.

I headed down to the convention center to grab my SXSW badge a little while ago. Ran into Mike and the ever hilarious Beth Sepko and Heather Collier. Now I'm just sitting and waiting for David, Alan and Jen to show up while listening to Mr. Mister's Broken Wings and Madonna's Like a Prayer.

Just a side note, Like a Prayer is one of my all time favorite songs ever. I mean, like, ever.