Thursday, February 14, 2008

Step Up 2 The Streets

Valentine's Day meant Step Up 2 The Streets premiere with a packed theater of squealing high school girls. And after the movie let out and I ran into Katie Lemon, I was one of those squealing girls "I loved it!" "Me too!" "Channing Tatum is so cute!" "I know!"

Sequels usually suck, but this one delivered. Big time. If you liked the first Step Up, you'll love this one. The dance sequences were unbelievable. I'm almost inclined to use phrases like "it was dope" or "that shit was fly". But I'll refrain from embarrassing myself. In my own words, it kicked some serious booty. And the dreamy Channing Tatum has a dance scene that will make you gasp. If I were 10 again, I'd be dancing to Missy Elliot instead of Irene Cara. And instead of taking tap, I'd be taking hip hop.

And on another note, when the preview for the new Indiana Jones trailer came on, it brought tears to my eyes. Just the first four bars from the theme song sent chills up my spine. I can't wait!

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