Friday, February 01, 2008

Michael Emerson - Bad Ass

I've been off the LOST bandwagon for a whole season. Teaching classes at nights cuts in to prime time TV watching. I lost track of Project Runway too. Alas.

I joined a new gym. The fancy pants kind with TVs everywhere and pulse pounding music in the background. It's a little overwhelming and scary, but it'll do. It's a far cry from the last gym I worked out at where you were lucky if the machines even worked. But at least that place was homey and members came in all shapes, sizes and ages.

While breaking a sweat on the treadmill I caught the preshow recap of the last season and the premiere of this season's LOST. After binging on the LOST DVDs, Kurt kept telling me how nasty Michael Emerson's character had become. No doubt. Michael's extraordinary at being a villain. So, it was great to see him in all his evil glory. I loved it. Luckily LOST comes on Thursdays now. I have a feeling I'll be hittin' the treadmill Thursday nights from now on.

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