Friday, February 29, 2008

Losing LOST at the Gym

My Thursday nights are scheduled at the gym to watch LOST. I got there early last night so I could pick a prime spot, secure a TV and be ready to go. The TV was already on ABC. Awesome. I just had to wait. I eyed Murder By Numbers on a TV down the way. I love the Michael Pitt. Love him. And then LOST started, woohoo! Safe.

Recap, scary helicopter ride. Storm's coming. Nervous, something's going down. Something's coming. Badness is about to happen ...

And then some random dude switched the channel to WWE. Say what? C'mon! He was too far away to yell at and I'd probably embarrass myself doing so anyways. Plus I was on my treadmill going, going, going and I'm weird about getting off until my time's finished. That jerko didn't even ask a soul around him if he could change the channel. That's what you do! You respect your fellow treadmillers, brother! Someone needs to post a sign about gym etiquette.

I ended up watching the rest of Murder By Numbers. I hadn't seen it in a long time and I have a major crush on Michael Pitt, so it worked out fine.

This morning I woke up to blogs and postings "BEST LOST EPISODE EVER!". Man! Stupid WWE guy.

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Anonymous said...

I've made a point to confront people who change the channel without asking permission at 24 Hour Fitness. I don't know who these people are or why their mommas never taught them manners.

Although, I'm completely passive aggressive about it. My line is something like, "I wasn't watching that program, but pretty much everybody behind you on the treadmills is really pissed at you right now."

That way it sounds like I'm doing them a favor and have no personal animosity. It's diabolical and cowardly, but so far I've had a 100% success rate.