Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mark and Kat's Friday Night Adventure

It's Friday night. Kat and Mark's date night.

Kat, behind the wheel, cranks up the same Trail of Dead CD that's been on repeat for the past week. She beats the steering wheel with her fake finger drums.

Mark leans his head against the back of the seat and closes his eyes. After the song finishes, she plays it again.

The first four bars of the song make Mark lean forward and eject the CD.

Kat: C'mon man!
Mark: I'm sick of listening to it. This is like the 20th time.
Kat: I know but I love it! I love that song!

He tunes the radio to some random hip hop jams and leans his head back again. Kat breaks out into her elbow dances most recently inspired by her Step Up 2 the Streets viewing. She keeps her eye on the road.

Kat: So what are you hungry for?
Mark: I don't know, what are you hungry for?
Kat: Mandola's?
Mark: I thought you said Zuzu's over email.
Kat: I know, but we go there every Friday. I'm not in the mood for the Zuzu's.
Mark: Are you breaking up with the Zuzu's?
Kat: No. We just need some time apart. The Zuzu's was getting too clingy.
Mark: The Zuzu's loves you.
Kat: And I love the Zuzu's too but, y'know sometimes you just ... I mean, we're still gonna be friends and everything.

Kat pulls into the jam packed parking lot of Mandola's/The Flying Saucer/Sago's. What was once a buried secret in central Austin has now become a weekend hot spot.

They drive around and around the tiny parking lot. Foiled again. Not a single space. They pull out of the lot and back out onto the main road.

Kat: So, what else are you hungry for?
Mark: Madras Pavillion.
Kat: Really? Huh.
Mark: Why? What do you think?
Kat: I don't know. Conan's Pizza?
Mark: That's too heavy.
Kat: But Indian food is like pooping out rocks.
Mark: But Madras is probably healthier for you.

She gives him a look of "c'mon brother!"

Mark: What? It's got like vegetables and stuff.
Kat: And rice and bread and coconut milk and heavy cream and lard and animal fat that drips off the sides.

Mark rolls his eyes. Silence.

Kat: What about Phil's Ice House? Sweet Potato Fries!!!! I love me some sweet potato fries! Mmm, mmm, mmm!

She thinks for a second.

Kat: Oh, but it's cold outside and it's probably packed. I can't sit outside. No, no, y'know what? I can go to Madras. That's fine.
Mark: I'm fine with Conan's.
Kat: Madras is cool.
Mark: No, really I can go to Conan's. That's where you want to go.
Kat: No, but then you'll say that I always get my way.
Mark: But you do.
Kat: I know, but ...
Mark: No, really, it's fine. Conan's is fine.
Kat: Ok, so what if there was a multiple choice of Madras, Conan's, Chuy's or Phil's Ice House? Which would you pick?
Mark: Any of those are fine.
Kat: No, we need to go where you want to go. For real.

Kat and Mark drive through the Burnet/183 intersection and take a left past Madras Pavillion.

Kat: What about Trudy's?
Mark: But you don't like Trudy's.
Kat: I know, but you do.
Mark: I liked Madras and you just passed that.
Kat: But I'd be cool with Trudy's. I can probably get something there. Besides I have a friend who works there. Maybe he's working. It'd be nice to see him.
Mark: Ok. Trudy's is good.

Kat slows the car and passes Trudy's.

Mark: You just passed it.
Kat: I know. The parking lot was full. Did you see it? We'd have to wait like forever.

Mark points across the street.

Mark: What about Olive Garden?
Kat: No. I know that it's cool to eat there and all because it's not cool to eat there and everything but, it still sucks. You thought it sucked last time, right?

And so the couple goes on and on until Kat finally pulls into a random parking lot and stops the car.

Kat: C'mon, dude.

They slam their doors shut and walk through the chilly parking lot.

Mark: Where are we?
Kat: Sarovar. It's Indian. You wanted Indian, right?
Mark: I wanted Madras Pavillion.
Kat: I know, but this is still Indian. Madras is Southern Indian. This is like all over Indian.
Mark: I can't remember if I like this place.
Kat: I think you think it's ok. Madras is the best though.

Kat stops Mark and turns him around.

Kat: Y'know what? We can go to Madras. You wanna go to Madras?
Mark: No, we're here. Let's just eat.
Kat: Are you sure?
Mark: Yes, I'm sure.
Kat: You swear?
Mark: I swear. At this point, I just wanna eat.
Kat: Ok, cool. I think we actually like this place.

Note: After dinner, we realized we actually don't like Sarovar.


Anonymous said...

you made me laugh out loud. Sam and I have totally done the same thing...and still do.

Kat Candler said...

You commented!!!!
I love it. :)

ryan said...

I think this is why I'm terrified of getting married.

Victor said...

Sounds like a Friday night to me.