Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Festival Rejections

SXSW unveiled their 2008 Lineup today. I kind of forgot about it til I opened my Indiewire Newsletter. This year, I wasn't biting my nails waiting with bated breath like so many friends and students. In Austin especially around this time, there's a lot of disappointment and a lot of heart break. But what I tell my students is ... This isn't the end of the world. C'mon! Rejection schmection. Don't let that long email about how they had a million submissions and it was a tough decision blah blah blah stop you. You can be bummed for maybe a day but that's it. Screw it. Move on. There are plenty of films that have gotten rejected from festivals that went on to be major success stories. Prove people wrong. Prove them wrong.

I feel for Festival Programmers just like I feel for Film Critics. It's a hard job. Especially when you have friends and friends of friends involved. Those decisions are tough. There's no way in hell I would want to be a programmer. I'm not good about people not liking me. I hate it hate it hate it. So if you got the dreaded rejection letter, refrain from the hate mail, brush it off, get back up and keep on goin'.

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