Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dr. Martens, Catholicism and Blind Melon

10 Things You Might Not Know Just By Looking at Me

1) I was raised Catholic. I went to church every single Sunday with my mom and brother until I got confirmed at age 15. Then I had a choice and so I stopped going.

2) I never buy shoes. I still have my Dr. Martens from 12th grade.

3) I was a member of the oily stickers fan club in elementary school.

4) My mom read The Secret Garden to me every night before I went to bed.

5) I'm obsessed with my career. I'm obsessed with making movies.

6) I'll time my workouts at the gym to when Law and Order airs in the afternoons on TNT. I like Sam Waterston a lot, but I LOVED Michael Moriarty.

7) In college, I wrote and mailed a love letter to Brad from Blind Melon. A few weeks later it came back "Return to Sender".

8) One of my eyelids is lazy. My husband just noticed it the other day.

9) I love love love going to the dentist. Yeah, I know it's sick.

10) I read the nutritional facts on everything I eat. Doesn't stop me from eating it. I just like to know.

11) (Ok, 11) I swear like a sailor. This sweet and innocent face isn't so innocent. I don't know why, but I love a good expletive.

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abc said...

i have no understanding of that love for the dentist. You must not have sensitive teeth.

Michael Moriarty's son (Matthew--who seems to be doing a lot of camera work now according to IMDB) was in my film program at Iowa. He was a nice guy but very anti arty movies. He hated hated hated Slacker. He got a lot of grief.