Monday, February 25, 2008

Chapter 4 = Done

Oh Lord, I can't sleep. My little lazy eyelids are falling, falling, falling, but my nerves are screaming, screaming, screaming "STAY AWAKE!" What's up with that? For Pete's sake, let them get some rest already.

I just wrapped up Chapter 4 of the kid's book I'm working on. Done and done. If my mind continues to freak out like this, I might as well do something with it, right? On to Chapter 5. I should probably put this all into perspective for my dear, faithful readers (all four of you). I'm on page 45 of a book that will be about ... oh, maybe 170 pages? So I've got plenty more writing to do. But it's going well. I'm on a roll. I feel like I have an ounce of purpose these days.

I've been reading Harriet the Spy. Stacy gave it to me a few years back. But like the bad gift receiver that I am, I'm just now getting around to it. I loved the movie. It's one of my favorites and I'm enjoying the book just the same. Reading about Harriet's adventures is both good and bad. On one hand I'm like, "My words don't sound anything like this." On the other hand Louise Fitzhugh's words inspire the hell out of me to make up my own.

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