Friday, February 29, 2008

Advertising Mumbo Jumbo

More of what Stacy and I have been working on today. Creating fun and exciting text.
  • We’ve helped grow and educate business staffs across the globe!
  • We’ll respond fast and friendly with the knowledge and experience you can trust!
  • Let us help you do your job carefully and effectively!
I want to rip off the fake, plastic smile on my face and tell them how it really is.

  • We've helped bore and dumb down middle America employees who make minimum wage at the local DQ and then we've charged you gobs of money to pay for it.
  • We'll actually place you on hold, make you wait 20 minutes, and then have an automated voice operating system get on the line, not understand when you speak VERY CLEARLY and hang up on you.
  • We don't really care how you do your job. As long as it doesn't come back to bite us in the butt. Surf that web! Make that long distance call to Aunt Susie! Take that 3 hour lunch and pay for it with the company credit card!

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