Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why Do We Fight?

Mark is my husband. I love him more than anything. But sometimes like all married couples, we get in fights. It's usually about stupid stuff.

The biggest fight we've ever had we were headed to Dallas to visit Mandy and Victor. We'd just gotten on I-35 right outside of Austin. I won't go into specifics, but in general the fight was about documentary filmmaking. This is a fight we've had over and over again. This time it got out of control. I was fuming, he was fuming. I screamed (and I mean SCREAMED) at him. I never scream. Like ever. I think my exact words were, "F%^$ you, you arrogant F$#%$". It was stupid and petty, but we were silent for the rest of the 3 hour trip to Dallas. Probably the most tense, horrible time we've had together and over something really dumb. Here are other stupid things we fight about:

**Things we fight about the most.

Mark loves air conditioning.
Kat loves the heater.

**Mark is a pack rat.
Kat likes to get rid of everything.

Mark likes green mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Kat likes white mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Mark's favorite time of day is the middle of the night.
Kat's favorite time of day is first thing in the morning.

**Mark isn't the biggest fan of documentaries.
Kat loves documentaries.

Mark brings home chocolate covered peanuts
Kat throws away the chocolate covered peanuts that Mark brings home.

Mark eats dinner at 9pm.
Kat eats dinner at 6pm.

Mark likes to spend money.
Kat likes to save money.

Mark likes Daft Punk and the Blood Brothers.
Kat likes the Blake Babies and Throwing Muses.

Mark likes to listen to music in the car.
Kat likes to talk in the car.

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Victor said...

You forgot:

Mark is awesome cos he's a boy.
Kat wishes she was awesome cos she's a girl.