Sunday, January 20, 2008

Summercamp and There Will Be Blood

After a full day of adventures ... Bella learned how to cross the monkey bars (with a bit of help) and little, wide eyed Theo rode the Zilker Park Train ... I got to see two films.

I missed Summercamp at SXSW but heard it charmed the pants off everyone. Consider me, charmed. I loved it. Little Holly is one of my new favorite characters. But I have to say, every time I saw a homesick kid crying and talking about missing his/her mom, the tears flowed. That was me in 5th grade. And I remember it well.

I just got home from seeing There Will Be Blood with Clare. I left the theater feeling ill and unsettled. I hesitate to speak before I digest it. I'll let it simmer for a bit.

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