Monday, January 14, 2008

Project Updates

Mondays are Kat and Stacy meeting days. We go through each project on our white board and talk about "things to do".

The Spider in the Bathtub - Got our animation break down and budget today. Now we can move forward on finalizing the final budget and proposal. I put together a hearty potential cast list. We'll move forward with funding in February. The gross part.

Future of America - We have a meet and greet on Friday with our kids and the Lifeworks' kids. I'm super excited for our kids to get the tour, meet the others and hear their stories. It's starting. I love it.

jumping off bridges - We're doing our first official post card mail out. We continue to get sales through universities. We continue to create more debt and then pay off debt. It's a vicious cycle. But getting a check every month, no matter how small it is, is pretty cool.

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Lorie said...

Darling, if you keep attaching gross and icky thoughts and feelings toward the funding process, THAT is what you're going to experience. Stop saddling yourself with this heavy vibe. Why should it be gross? You're talented, you're prepared, you're worth funding (and, I'm talking about Stacy, too, and all the terrific collaborators and team members you two always attract on your projects), why shouldn't it just be a matter of attracting like-minded team members who BRING MONEY to the project as their roles?

Please, take a moment to examine what it is about fundraising that raises your hackles so, and then try to find an affirming, the-Universe-is-my-genie mantra to support and embolden you (both) to manifest the funding partners who are looking for projects JUST LIKE YOURS.

Sorry for all the CAPS. I love you, and stop being all moan-y about money. XO