Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Outlines, Syllabuses, Contact Info Sheets ...

I've spent the day prepping for classes which start Monday night. I'll be teaching a teen class on Monday night, Script to Screen Tuesday night and Advanced Class on Wednesday night. I've been going over, revising, updating outlines, hand outs, schedules, guest speakers, outside workshops, equipment rentals ... My butt hurts and I realized I'm back in the habit of scrunching up my shoulders a lot. And I wonder why my back and neck ache.

I took a nice break over a veggie bowl at Zen to hear about Ben Bartley's adventures in shooting a 5-minute remake of Top Gun for the Alamo Drafthouse Contest. I wish I could spill the beans on the shoot, but I'll keep my lips sealed. All I know is, I'll be first in line for this comedic nugget.

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Ben said...

Thanks, Kat! You rock! Remind me to tell you about getting run-off by the police this weekend. A guy my age should not be having this much fun.