Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Day - The Innocents

I might have been a little harsh on The Invisible. Well, not harsh. I still think it's a bad film. But I woke up early and watched The Innocents for inspiration. I'm working on a new draft of The Edmonton Children, a script I wrote last spring. I had every intention of making a horror film with it. I had several ingredients, many deaths, mayhem, blood, frights in the night ... but it was all too much. The plot was crowded and going in different directions. So I'm taking a knife to to the pages and peeling away, bit by bit. Trying to create a simpler story and then layer it a little more delicately. A lot of times I have to get similar themed films, preferably good ones, and gather inspiration to get in writing mode.

Although I didn't think The Innocents was a great film, it definitely sent my imagination running wild. I suppose since I knew the story (I'm a big fan of The Turn of the Screw), I wasn't full of the suspense and curiosity that I should've been. Oh well. I still love that story. It is interesting how many similarities can be pulled from The Others, a film I love, love, loved. I like how they took the basics, and spun a different tale.

I must gather Mark up for a New Years Brunch and then a coffeeshop date for writing. Oh yeah, Happy New Year.

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