Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Clare Aronow - Best Friend since 7th Grade and when Safari Prints were Cool

Clare and I met at the first 7th grade junior high dance at Stanton College Preparatory back in 1986. I had a bad perm, teased bangs, huge gold earrings, and a wardrobe mostly made up of khaki and safari prints. In fact we both had the same safari print shirt from JCPenny's. Or at least that's where I found mine. So yeah, it was destined. We spent much of the night following eighth grade heart throb, Jamie Solomon from a distance, danced to The Clash and The B-52s and bonded over safari prints.

My mom denies this, but she "heavily persuaded" me to go to Stanton. It's the kind of school where you had to have the right test scores, GPA and at the time it ranked #1 on USA Today's list of high schools. My brother went there and so my mom wanted to keep us in the same educational institution. I was so mad and absolutely horrified. It was considered the nerd school in Jacksonville. But what came out of my 6 years there were some of the longest and richest friendships I could've ever asked for.

Since that night Clare and I went on to pursue theater together, spent nights dancing at Einstein's A Go Go, cried on each other's shoulder about this boy or that one, made up dance routines to Madonna in her bedroom, got drunk for the first time, took college trips to audition for colleges, moved to Boston together, found careers, got married, had families ...

I'm psyched cause her and her little boy, Theo (who just happens to be on page 28 of this months Parents Magazine) will be here on Friday for a week.

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