Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Casting - What the hell are we doing?

Casting is a tricky, hard thing. Well, I mean casting a bigger actor in a smaller film. First you make a wish list. Kate Winslet you will always be at the top of my wish list. You can do anything in my book. I think you're rad.

Ok. So, who's number one? Who would you die to have in your film? Kate!!! Then you go to who would be pretty awesome to have in your film and still sell it to a distributor or make someone pick it up at a video store. My list includes about 10 - 20 actors for 3 different roles. I think it's a pretty good list. There are probably some actors I haven't thought of, but still, it's a good list. Then you make a spreadsheet of all of those actors, their agencies and a column for connections to these actors. There's always a six degrees to someone.

Stacy and I are struggling to get a casting director or not to get a casting director right off the bat. With jumping to get Michael Emerson, we didn't have a casting director pursue it. Before Michael, I had two actors on my list. We got to both of them through a friend. One of the actors wanted to do it, but for money that was way beyond our means. The other actor wanted to do it, but his agent said "nope, sorry charlie"". So we landed with someone I'd known back in the day and had a first hand connection with, Michael. And it worked. So this time around, we're trying a few more degrees away. It comes down to asking some really big favors of your friends. Like, really big. Putting their necks out on the line for you. Especially in a world that most of them already live in and have to hold their reputations dear. So it's a fine and touchy line that you have to work with. But I'm excited. I love actors so much. I love working with actors. And with this film it's going to be a whole heck of a lot of fun.

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