Friday, December 07, 2007

Normal Day

A student was asking me last night, "So, what do you do as a filmmaker, like during a normal day?"

6:30am - Wake Up
6:45am - Check Emails
7:15am - Run through Hyde Park
8:30am - Stretch while catching the weather on TV
8:45am - Shower/Get Dressed
9:15am - Drop off videos to Vulcan (Buffy and Angel - 2 days late)
9:30am - Get Granola from CM or HEB on Hancock
9:45am - Arrive at the office
10:00am - Update checkbooks (personal, Storie and JOB), chat with Jason a bit about some SITB comments from the read through, follow up with the Magellan folks that we met on Wednesday, research some of the companies they recommend talking to about JOB, receive packages from students who are turning in their final projects, return emails
2:00pm - Make a bank run to deposit some JOB funds, set up meetings for TW, finalize mentor bios for class, send out lots of reminders about various projects, plan next semester class outlines, prepare outline and hand outs for tomorrow's class.
3:00pm - Meet with Jason, Kyle, Chris, Chad, Spencer and Jeff about some Arts and Labor stuff
4:30pm - Get back to my desk and blog and watch the preview for Quarterlife
5:30pm - Hopefully go home soon and have a date night with the boy.

On other days, I work on scripts (SITB right now), proposals for funding, lots of meetings. We're always meeting someone, somewhere for something. Researching on the imdb for cast, companies, distributors ... Researching stuff for JOB publicity, teach classes at night, teach class at Ann Richards ...

I'm not sure if any of this is cool or glamorous. Probably not.

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