Monday, December 17, 2007

Lindsay Broockman Gets Married

I spent most of Sunday with Ms. Lindsay Lou, soon to be Mrs. Lindsay Lou at her Bridal Shower and then a double date with Dan, Lindsay and Mark later that night.

Lindsay starred in cicadas back in 1999. It's amazing to think that was 8 years ago, almost 9. So yeah, she's getting married this Spring and time is flying. I remember when we met on one of my first shorts Avenue K. She was 14, I think, and she sat in the casting line deeply immersed in some book and waited patiently for everyone to go in front of her. When she came in, sat down and read the voice-over narration, I was sold. I knew she had the authenticity I was looking for. We shot two short films and one feature together. She was my muse, I guess you could say. Until she went to study at Brown University. I'd even named one of the characters in JOB after her. She's since been working at non-profits actively making the world a better place. So yeah, now she's all grown up, getting hitched and saving the world.


adawes said...

WOW. Tell her congrats from old Francie.

kellyxoxo said...

Hi.. I don't know if Lindsay would remember me, but we were pretty good friends for a while when we were little and did theatre together in North Carolina under Hal Hudson, As Butterflies and such. My name is Kelly McConkey. If you see her, will you please tell her that I send my love and all the best wishes in the world. By the way, The Perks of Being a Wallflower is my favorite book of all time. It might be nice if someone creates a film out of it some day, but only if it can truly do it justice. Thanks! Kelly

VNR said...

i just saw cicadas on 13 last night
she has such a beautiful face, half the reason I couldn't stop watching.