Friday, December 14, 2007

Kate Winslet and Stupid Car Conversations

Here goes, I'm a super dork. This is probably revealing too much information. And if you do this too, I'll feel less dorky. I have fake conversations in my car ... by myself. So for example, tonight, to and from dinner with my family I had a fake conversation with Kate Winslet. I pretended that I saw her on a street in NYC and stopped her to see if she would be in my new movie The Spider in the Bathtub. What's even dorkier is that I faked a British accent. For both Kate and myself.

So if you know her, let her know I think she rules and I'd be overjoyed if she were in my next movie.


kelly rae said...

i TOTALLY do this, kat. you + me = freaks.

Kat Candler said...

Yay! Mark said it was one thing to talk to myself, but holding a full on conversation was weird. But I don't care. We're weirdos. It's cool.