Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Arts and Labor - Community

Stacy and I moved into the Arts and Labor offices back in October. First off, having our very own office was something we'd only dreamed about. But then we took the plunge. We moved in to a community of filmmakers and artists. It's been an experience that far surpassed our expectations. Knocking on a neighbor's office door and asking a random question about a talent agency or borrowing a few DVDs. Getting recommendations for HD transfers to borrowing an editing suite. Seeing friends who pop in because they're meeting with someone else in the building. It's a good, solid group who LOVE movies. Love movies. Different skills, different talents all bunched up in to an office above Elsi's. And believe me, we frequent Elsi's a little too often.

We had a holiday lunch today with everyone from the office over at Maru. Sitting and looking at everyone's faces and chatting about everything from DVD deals to the aesthetics of Conan the Barbarian sets, priceless. I'm so excited about what's to come in the new year. Lots of collaborations for sure. Lots of fun and silliness.

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