Monday, November 19, 2007

The Worker - Stills (courtesy of Ms. Schoolfield)

Here are a bunch of stills from the set of The Worker. It's currently in post production being pieced together. Stacy took all of these. Kinda gives a little glimpse into our days on set.

Anne Nabors as The Worker - Day 1

The Worker - Day 2

The Worker - Day 3

The Worker - Day 3

The Worker - Day 5

The Worker - Day 5

Shooting Anne throwing paper in the air.

Tai and Kat framing up a shot.

Greg and Kat figuring out a shot.

Scott, we're so glad we found you!

Our snow tearing committee ... Alexis, David Lowery, Mark and Nisha.

Alexis prepping the set for Day 5.

Snow Patrol = Nisha and Gina. We'll be adding more paper snow in post production.

Gina, the best paper thrower ever!

Meg, script supervisor extraordinaire.

Mr. Chris Mass gets ready to play The Boss.

Shooting through a transparency. We'll see how it works.

Our freestanding window. We learned a lot about shooting through windows. I love that window so much.

This weird shot we did with the clock floating in the air. I like our taped contraption.

Nisha standing in.

And me standing in.

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