Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spiders in Tubs, Spring Break Shenanigans

I've been doing another rewrite of SITB for the past week. I was up way late last night talking the whole thing out loud and probably annoying the hell out of Mark. I like where it's at now. There's more meaning and reasoning behind it. We're doing a casual read through with friends on Friday to get last minute feedback before we put together the budget and work on the casting. We're moving forward on this one. Started some conversations, making some moves. Crazy, cool, old school Michael Jackson moves.

Had a good meeting with Christian this morning. Storie's teaming up with the Austin Film Society to do a Kid's Spring Break Film Camp. Have I mentioned before how much I love Christian. He's the man when it comes to film youth education. He helped me put together my whole Ann Richards Film Club. I think he rules. We have other schemes underway as well.

In other news ... FOA is coming along. We have some meetings with alternative schools and want to have it in full force by the end of January.

Our Austin School of Film students are kicking ass in post production right now. They're embracing the editing process and feedback. I love watching their projects grow. And how excited they get. It's awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing my Ann Richards girls tomorrow. Only silly fun to come.

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