Friday, November 09, 2007

NYC - Day 5 (The Perks of Being a Wallflower)

I changed my blog heading this week. Feeling more like a wallflower these days than anything else. Just wanting to hug the edge of a room rather than being in the middle of it. And then there's "feeling infinite". One of my favorite lines from a book ever. I love that expression so much. That's how I'd always love to feel ... infinite.

I spent yesterday morning writing away at Think Coffee across from Washington Square Park. A little bit of time, just me and my stories. I'm working on The Spider in the Bathtub these days. Taking it through another rewrite. Adding a little more here and there. I love those characters so much. They're sweet, confused, conflicted and they love the hell out of each other. I like their weirdo world a lot. Afterwards I met Clare, Theo and Deena for lunch at a really yummy sammich shop. It might be one of my new NYC favorites. And then a long afternoon with Mike Tully and Todd Rohal. Mike couldn't stay but an hour, but I got a really nice long chat in with Todd about art, the business of art, friends, good people and being inspired. I tried super hard to convince him to move to Austin. I hope my plan works. I think that boy is pure goodness. You can see it in his movies. He threads together strange and unusual stories, and his characters have so much heart. If you get a chance to see or buy The Guatemalan Handshake, do.

Met up with Kelly Rae, Ama and Maya at some fancy pants restaurant at Union Square. I'm anxious for more chill time with the girls. Karen and I are about to head to Clare's to meet up for lunch and cold chilin'. And tomorrow morning we get to see Ms. Tanya Barr. And then Sue B. This trip is like heaven. I just wish it could happen more than once a year.

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