Wednesday, November 07, 2007

NYC - Day 3

Good friends make everything better. And for some strange reason washing dishes makes everything better too. I've been obsessed with doing Clare's dishes. And because she has a little one, there tend to be more than usual. So I find myself at her sink with soapy water and the faint sounds of the city in the background. It's comforting.

Yesterday we spent some time at the Museum of Natural History. I wish we'd had more time and it was a little less crowded, but it was pretty awesome. Dinosaurs, crocodiles, huge whales, monkeys ... I really really loved it. Nothing in Jacksonville where I grew up even compares. And I even passed Brooke Shields and her little entourage in the dinosaur section. I want to go back on another trip and spend a few more hours there. Mark would've loved it.

I think I'm playing Ping Pong with Mike and Todd tonight. And getting to see Wyatt and Mrs. del Castillo for lunch. Tomorrow Ama and Kelly descend up on the city. Oh man, I can't wait to see them.

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