Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Day Films - Check #2

We got our October check from New Day Films. Woohoo! We only sold 5 copies, but at $100 - $250 each, it was a nice check. We have yet to do any advertising or major publicity pushes. Our brochures our printed, but we're waiting until January to send them out. We're holding off until after the holidays. So that money goes toward paying off more debt. We're chiseling away at it. Little by little.

So yeah, if you're a university professor or know professors, ask them to request a copy of the film through their library. Every little bit helps.

We're headed to West Palm Beach on December 5th. Stacy and I will be there for 24 hours. Long enough to introduce the film, do a Q&A and hopefully sell some DVDs.

Back in the office, back in the classes, back in the game.

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