Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Flower that Drank the Moon

Comfort Film #2 - Ghost World. "You guys up for some reggae tonight?" Blues Hammer. A pre-messed up Brad Renfro. Love it.

I'm packing. Trying to tie up loose ends. Do laundry. Clean the house a little. Mark's in Dallas with the Aguilars. My guess is that they're watching a lot of cable, eating Cheetos and going to countless movies.

We wrapped The Worker today. We lost Greg to stomach flu right off the bat. Lost/left in an elevator a boom mic and part of the ladder dolly. So things got off to a bit of a rocky start. We had issues with glares, reflections ... I shed a few tears of upset and frustration after it was over, but all in all, the kids were awesome. Just watching them screaming nonsensically, chasing each other, playing on a pogo stick, faces dirtied with chocolate cookies and Juicy Juice. Priceless. I'm pretty solid on the footage that we've gotten. I'm proud of it. So now we hand it over to Brian for editing. I meet with his friend in New York who might do the sound design. It'll be out of my hands for a bit. I'll think about it a lot though. Anxious to see it complete.

New York awaits me. I'm anxious to meet Clare and Theo and Karen Sunday when I get in. I need my girls in a big way. Ama and Kelly will meet up later in the week. Please god, I need lots of hugs.

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Mandy said...

You forgot playing Guitar Hero III!