Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Worker - Panic

So my stomach is turning and I'm getting super nervous. I've taken on a beast. I guess I should really say that I've created a beast. I've mentioned before that my shot list is long, long, long.
I've been staring at it, rearranging it, combining some stuff and trying to create order to what seems super overwhelming. Normally I shoot about 25 set ups a day. I've double my set ups on this short. And added a few dolly shots. I just have to create as much ease and smoothness from one to the next and take it in a relatively calm manner and I can get through it.

Everything else seems to be coming together. The free standing window, the paper snow, the costumes, set pieces, lighting tests ... But I'm anxious and worried. It's normal. In the past I've found myself sleepwalking before and during a shoot. I'd wake up at 3am directing actors and light placements in my bedroom. Hopefully I'll continue to sleep through the night. That would be a good thing. I like sleep.

The NAMAC conference starts today. I met with my fellow panelists yesterday. I'll be speaking about how digital media has democratized the filmmaking process and allowed new and underserved voices to be heard. I'm looking forward to it. I meeting a whole new world of educators and filmmakers.

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