Monday, October 29, 2007

The Worker - Day Four

We still have one more day of shooting to go. But that won't be for a few weeks. This Saturday's forecast = rain. Bummer. I was excited to get it all done before I left for New York. It'll have to wait for my return. Scott, Tai, Stacy, Alexis and I finished up today with everything in the office. We spent about 11 hours getting cutaways, establishing shots, weirdo shots, eating at Zen ... It was fun and laid back.

Last night I was at the office until 2am watching footage. By about 7pm tonight I became a exhausted, cussing, nonsensical mess. When I get ridiculously tired after shooting several days on no sleep, I resort to saying mother f%$%#$#$#%er a lot. Everything seems to end in motherf%$^%$#$#%er. I don't know. So yeah, anyways, I'm thankful, delirious, thrilled, excited, anxious, totally beat ...

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